About Us


Sprint Booster is an electronic device which is installed behind the accelerator pedal. The installation is an easy process and does not affect the electronic systems of your car (injection, ABS, etc.) With Sprint Booster, the delayed response of the electronic throttle is eliminated and response is greatly improved. 


The DriversDen is a private organization that is dedicated to introducing automotive enthusiasts to niche products and services that enhance the driving experience. Your "DriversDen" may be the trailer at the racetrack or the living room at home, Whatever the place may be, drivers always need a den to relax between spirited sessions..  

Support and Service:

We are an e-commerce site backed by a brick and mortar automotive parent company established in 1975. We provide the supporting information available to us, but also have experience with the products we offer. 

Product Selection:

The SprintBooster product line is ever-changing. As new vehicles are introduced, the manufacturer of the Sprint Booster product quickly attempts to R&D applications. Some vehicles may not be available for testing and may require additional time to acquire. If your vehicle is not listed, it may be that the unit is in development or that a vehicle has not yet been attained. Many vehicles share throttle controllers with numerous models and beta testing may be available for willing participants. For those interested, please email detailed images and dimensions of your throttle controller to us and we will contact you with the details of beta testing. 

Order Fulfillment:

Orders are being processed within 24 hours of placement. DriversDen has access to a large inventory of in-stock SprintBoosters and shipping is handled on a daily basis. Stocking orders are sent to the SprintBooster manufacturer regularly but unfortunately, certain units may be unavailable for an undisclosed period of time due to R&D, redesign or manufacturing delays. DriversDen processes payments for units at the time of an online order and will retain the payment securing the order with the manufacturer. All orders that are refunded will be eliminated from the order in which they were processed.

Web Banner:

The SprintBooster.us web banner is available industry standard sizes:

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